E. Joan Horrocks

  • Cape Breton Forest
  • "Cape Breton Forest"
  • Born in Montreal, Joan Horrocks is a sculptor and photographer who graduated from Bennington College. She worked at the Metropolitan Museum and for Edward Forbes, Director Emeritus of the Fogg Museum and she studied the Oriental techniques of porcelain throwing with Professor Kenneth Beitel at Penn State.
  • Flower Selfie
  • "Flower Selfie"
  • With her sculpture, Joan often expresses time through sundial shapes reminiscent of the ancient horseshoe crab whose descendants survive today. “Games we used to play" is a theme from childhood, an example here are her “Jigsaw Polka” pieces. In her photography Joan shows her ongoing interest in the juxtaposition of ‘delicate and strong.’
  • A juried artist member of the Plymouth Center for the Arts, Massachusetts and The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and an honorary member of the Potters Guild of Central Pennsylvania, Joan maintains a studio in Chatham, Massachusetts and is a member of an artists’ studio in Pennsylvania. She has had solo and joint exhibitions in the United States and Canada and her work has appeared in several publications including Ceramics Monthly. Joan’s art is in public and private collections in North America, Europe and Australia. She has taught workshops on design and on raku techniques and is currently writing an illustrated book, “Keeping Out,” focusing on metal barriers over doors and windows in San Francisco. Please contact Joan, wdh2@psu.edu, for her exhibition history.